Speech Therapy Services

gathering information at evaluation
assessing child's strengths
speech therapy for babies
Diagnostic Evaluation

    • Information gathering from parents, school or medical reports
    • Conversation, play, interactions to get to know you and your child
    • Assessments, Tests and Observations to determine your child’s needed growth areas
    • Written report of results with recommended goals to target

Individual Therapy
    • In person or via teletherapy
    • Client centered, individualized treatment plans based on assessment results 
    • Functional goals and skills are targeted to make therapy meaningful
    • Fun, creative play-based activities to increase motivation

Parent Consultation
  • In person, via teletherapy or phone call 
  • Learn ways to help your toddler expand their language
  • Discuss ways to improve behaviors
  • Find daily ways to implement use of Speech Generating Devices or AAC