Inside Scavenger Hunt

"I'm Bored!"

If it’s summer and raining outside or in the middle of a winter storm and you’re all stuck inside, when your child says, “I’m bored!!”  sometimes as a parent you feel yourself take that big sigh and think to yourself, “Now what? I’ve already let them watch their favorite movies, they’ve used all the screen time up and they didn’t like the last 3 suggestions I offered!” But have you ever tried an inside scavenger hunt?? This is a fun activity that will keep children of all ages interested and busy. The visuals will help younger ones, which can be a great language and learning opportunity. If you have a competitive child or children, set a timer and see how quickly and accurately they can find everything.
Inside scavenger hunt
15 items to find inside
When everyone comes back with their items, see what each item is! Don’t forget to talk about the things that are the same or different for each category for added language opportunities! My kids often wanted to play it again! So we made the rule of finding new items for each category.  Pro parent tip: before starting the game, be sure to have some rules about not stealing from others, the first one to the item gets to claim it, and when you are finished with the activity, everyone will put away what they got out!! Or turn it into another game of who can put away all their items the fastest!
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